Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Howdy Everyone,

I am writing this blog to express the explicit of Mercyhurst Student Government for the hosting of Relay for Life on Mercyhurst University’s Main campus. For the past three years, Relay for Life has become an important part of campus tradition. Not only has the annual event amassed large amounts of funds for cancer research and awareness (in the last year alone, Mercyhurst surpassed its goal of raising $25,000 for the American Cancer Society with a grand total of $25,743), but it has also unified the campus by bringing together students, faculty and administration as a community to support those affected by the disease.

The news that the planners of this year’s Relay for Life were informed to investigate alternate locations for hosting the event has led to significant outcry from the campus community. While I understand the recommendation to host Relay for Life at the North East campus, we risk facing difficulties in terms of logistics and transportation. Many students, especially first year students who are not permitted to keep cars on campus, have said they might be unable to attend the event if it is held at a different location. Although transportation could be arranged, it would divert funds which could have otherwise gone to the charity. Various RSCOs and individual students have brought such concerns to Mercyhurst Student Government; many students feel the relay will not be as successful as it has the potential to be if it were held elsewhere.

While I recognize concerns that the Relay for Life event held on campus last year was not as well-planned as It could have been, I believe it is unfair to punish this year’s Relay for Life Committee for the mistakes of last year. As a leader of a number of different student organizations, I would be discouraged and disheartened if I were to be punished for past leaders’ decisions, actions or mistakes.

Cancer is a disease that has impacted many members of the Mercyhurst community. By holding this event on our main campus, we exemplify the university’s core values as ambassadors of service. This fundraising event teaches students to be globally responsible, socially merciful, and compassionately hospitable by coming together as one community to raise money to combat a global disease and support those affected by it. Students dedicate time and resources to organize this event, following the spirit and teachings of Mother Catherine McAuley. Reflecting the mercy tradition and our core values is important now more than ever because this is the Year of the University.

Mercyhurst Student Government, as the voice of the student body, requests that the Relay for Life Committee be given permission to host the event on the main campus.

Richard J. Molloy                           
enjamin McCormick, Patrick Coit, Jenna Dascanio, and Isaac Smith.

MSG President 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello All,

This week was the very first Mercyhurst Student Government forum of the 2012-2013 school year. MSG is responsible for holding three forums per year. This is typically broken down to one forum per term. In the past we have had forums which have addressed issues such as the new 4-1-4 calendar and the strategic plan for Mercyhurst University.

Our MSG senators coming to the students to see what they have to say!
The first forum of the year was titled "MSG, THE GOOD THE BAD THE UGLY". The idea behind this was borrowed from the pages of the Merciad, and their ever popular weekly feature. The MSG executive board opened ourselves up to questions from the student body regarding anything the student body wanted to address. This in itself was a very rare concept that had been applied to a Mercyhurst Student Government forum. Not going to lie it was slightly nerve wrecking exposing ourselves to the student body in such an open and public way.

Despite the event going viral on facebook and postings around campus, the student turn out on the day was hugely disappointing. Although, it was nice not to have any huge controversy I would much rather deal with that than nothing at all. The students who were in attendance raised some very interesting issues, all of which are now being looked into by MSG.

I know that students of Mercyhurst have many complaints, I just wish they would bring them to student government so we could address them. Instead it seems as though students complain and we are not receiving these complaints, therefore how are we supposed to act?

Another great way in which students can voice their concerns directly to the administration is to take the recent survey that Dr. Gamble e mailed out. This survey acts as an assessment of many different departments on campus and the results are taken very seriously by the administration. Again it comes down to the issue of whether or not Mercyhurst Students are willing to speak up for the changes they want to see happen around campus. I encourage you too. I'm not normally one for cliches but you can actually make a difference.

                                                      Take the survey, have your say

Getting Involved-At Mercyhurst University

Hello Everyone,

Me and some of my fellow Laker leaders

As always I hope that everyone is keeping well since my last post! To my fellow Lakers I hope that you are managing to survive the term, remember when all is said and done there is only three weeks left!:)

I know for the majority of students at Mercyhurst University these last couple of weeks tend be the busiest. For our new freshman class, if you have yet to figure this out I'm sure you will pretty quickly.
For me being involved with Mercyhurst University Ambassadors, Mercyhurst Student Government, Senior Annual and all the other various commitments I have are beginning to kick into full swing. Add to the mix, classes, trying to maintain a social life and generally trying to enjoy my senior year-things can get a little crazy. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am very passionate about all the clubs and organizations I'm a part of.  Not only are these clubs great ways to make friends and expand your social and professional circles but they act as great resume builders.
 Mercyhurst University has over 85 registered campus clubs and organizations, something for everyone.We have clubs including a Video Game Club, Outdoor Adventure Club, Habitat for Humanity and even a Fencing Club.  With that being said, If students find themselves disappointed with what Mercyhurst has to offer they can work very easily with Mercyhurst Student Government and the campus involvement center so establish a club they would like to see. Just last year we approved a club called "All I want for Christmas is this Club" we also approved an accounting and finance club. When it comes to approving clubs,  Mercyhurst Student Government has senators on the constitutional revisions committee vote for approval and establishment of that club. Typically all clubs are approved as long as they follow the right guidelines and we think that they would enhance the lives of students at Mercyhurst University.

Some of my fellow Mercyhurst Ambassadors and I
I know many people may read this and think, damn I'm not involved in any club or organization on campus. But it's never too late to get involved in a club or organization. Until mid way through my sophomore year I was not affiliated with any club or organization. Why the sudden change of mind you  may ask?Well I realized that like anything, college is an experience that you will get out of it what you are willing to put into it. At times yes I definitely feel as though I could be giving more to one club than another but at the end of the day you only have so much time to give so make your decisions wisely and join a club or organization that will enhance your Mercyhurst experience and hopefully offer some fun times along the way, as all my clubs have.

                               Check out all the fun clubs and organizations MU has to offer;

Peace Out,

Richard Molloy
MSG President

Sunday, October 14, 2012

We're Your Voice

Hello Guys,

It was a busy weekend for Mercyhurst Student Government  as we had our annual fall retreat. On Friday we had the privilege of doing leadership yoga with our on campus yoga instructor Betty! I had never done yoga before but it was a fun experience that definitely helped us all relax after a busy few weeks.
On Saturday we had a consultant from the Collegiate Empowerment Company come in and spend the day with the MSG senate and also with the programmers from SAC. Jack Gotleib has consulted with many student governments from across the nation. His expertise and experience helped us to assess weaknesses and strengths within MSG! Our 22 MSG senators were a crucial part of the retreat with all the input and opinions they were able to provide. One of the major problems identified was an issue with communication. We were able to identify this as one of our weaknesses and have already taken steps to improve it in the coming weeks and months.
One point that was raised, was the unwillingness of students to come to voice their concerns and complaints to Mercyhurst  Student Government. This is something that saddens me greatly, as after all that’s what MSG is- the voice of the student body. MSG has representation on every single level of the university structure through a variety of different committees and councils that we sit on. These are times where we have the opportunity to voice the issues and concerns of the student body to the administration and faculty.
Unfortunately,  in the past perhaps students have been under represented by student government. However, this year we have such a strong group of diverse student leaders in our team that students at Mercyhurst need to know that they can come talk to us! Together we can work to make a difference on campus, but this requires there to be an open line of communication from students to MSG. Students should not feel as though they cannot approach MSG  with their problems (WE ARE A VERY APPROCHABLE BUNCH. We provide the perfect opportunity to express your opinions at our weekly meetings in the MSG chambers at 8.30pm every Monday.
I would love to see more students take advantage of this opportunity as it is something that not a lot of students do attend. I find this surprising, as many students complain about many different things on campus. How can we as a student government help when students won’t come to us with their problems. I hope this is something we can change drastically with our time remaining in office.
Additionally, our new offices  located in the laker inn are always a gathering place for MSG team team, someone is always available for students to come talk to. I ask the students of Mercyhurst to show a more proactive approach to getting involved with student government. Come voice your concerns to us and I assure you MSG will work hard to do whatever we can to rectify the issue.
We’re Your Voice,
Richard Molloy!
Email: msgpres@mercyhurst.edu

Monday, October 1, 2012

Board Of Trustees


Last week was probably one of the busiest weeks of my entire life! Last week was midterms week it also was the first board of trustees meeting of the 2012-1013 school year! As MSG president I have have a voting seat on the board of trustees. I think this says a lot about the Mercyhurst University as an institution and how much it cares about the voices and concerns of its students!

The bylaws of Mercyhurst College require that the number of college trustees be no fewer than 30, no more than 40; and that at least five of the trustees be members of the religious congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. (Section 3.04). Currently, the active roster includes 33 trustees. Thirty-two voting and one non-voting, the non-voting trustee is the president of the college. One other trustee is on leave of absence, and five others are Trustee Emeriti (non-voting). Six of the board members serve by virtue of office.
The new center for academic engagement,
 which houses the new board of trustees board room.
Term trustees are elected for an initial four-year period that is renewable upon the recommendation of the Committee on Trustees to the Executive Committee/Nominating Committee, and then voted by the full board of trustees.
Elections and renewals usually take place once a year at the annual May meeting

The board of trustee meetings take place over a 2 day span. Typically, on Friday all the committees have their meetings. I have the pleasure of sitting on the buildings and grounds committee, the student life committee, the mission committee and the governance committee. Each committee meeting lasts about an hour and a half, we discuss various issues about the university. 

On Saturday, the actual board of trustee meeting takes place, this is where we hear a variety of presentations from the executive board of the board of trustees, including Dr. Gamble and board chair Marlene Mosco. It is at this time that the committees present on all the matters they discussed the previous day.

One of the big agendas this week was the strategic plan for the next 10 years. This plan is comprised of a series of goals and initiatives that plan to make Mercyhurst a better place within the next ten years. I was included on the strategic plan inn many different stages throughout its drafting and publishing. The plan be released to the wider Mercyhurst community in the coming days. Once it is made public I will be sure to do a blog post discussing it and it's implications for the student body.

Peace Out,

Richard Molloy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I hope by this time everyone has settled back into school! I can't believe that fall break is only one week away, although, I am definitely relived! It's been a jam packed couple of months since I have last been on here. School has started and welcome week has come and gone, along with Fall Ball. Hurst Fest, Spirit Week, The Upperclassman BBQ and of course the first of our distinguished speaker series speakers Andrew Jenks. These events have been a huge success and we were delighted with the turn out at the majority.

I know all this in a month you say? Well yup it happened!! Thanks to our wonderful senate and E-Board. This year so far I feel your MSG senate has worked so much harder than any other senate in the past. They have been very hands on and eager to help it's been great! They all deserve a huge pat on the back! A special shout out goes to Zane Taylor and Alexa Bradley our August and September MSG senator of the month!

We have been working very hard to get our names out there to increase our presence across campus! We have put magnets on every single door on campus, we have supplied students with popcorn as a welcome back gift encouraging them to POP into our new office (GET IT)! Then of course we had our call me maybe video that was recorded this fall by our MSG senate and a few friends from around campus! The marketing and PR Dept at Mercyhurst University has been tracking the clicks and views and it has been viewed by almost 9000 times. This was a bigger success than we ever dreamed of and it was a lot a lot of fun to film! Please check it out and I apologize in advance for my horrible dancing skills! I wont quit the day job don't worry! 

Peace Out,

Richard Molloy!


Monday, July 23, 2012


Its about U!!

Howdy All!

I can't believe there is only less than a month to go until school kicks off gain! That being said I am very excited to see all my friends and class mates return to the Hurst! Its safe to say we have a lot of things planned for the return of the student body! The theme that MSG chose for the 2012-2013 school year is "It's all about U", this of course incorporates the fact that MSG is always there for the student body as we strive to meet the needs and wants of you the students. 
This theme also incorporates the transition into a university as MSG looks to grow and adapt to insure we have a continued active role in the University and that we the students are continued to be heard by the university at every level! This is a theme that we will incorporate into our speaker series throughout the year. The speaker series saw MSG bring The Buried Life to campus last year and this year we are aiming big too and will have some very exciting news in the fall when everyone return!

Shirts about to hit the fan........

When Brian and I decided to run for MSG President and Vice President one of our major tasks for our year in office was to work on increasing school spirit! While this is not an easy task, MSG has decided to start the annual release of a school spirit shirt. The idea behind the shirt is that it will become a hugely popular piece of clothing among all Lakers! Of course MSG will be giving away shirts throughout the year and they will also be available for sale in Mercyhurst University Bookstore! The Idea for this came to us from a student (Adrianne Legruth!!) who suggested that this would be a good initiative for MSG to support as we look to increase Laker pride and spirit. I think this also demonstrates that MSG does listen to students and that we are always open to new ideas and suggestions, so keep them coming in! 

Watch out for the shirt this fall, it looks pretty awesome thanks to our wonderful Event Coordinator who worked very hard on designing the shirt!

In other spirit news, MSG will be hosting our first ever spirit week this fall! We are currently in the planning process but watch this space for more information!